Booze News: Rick Moranis tells Dave Thomas to "Take off, eh!"

>> Wednesday, November 5, 2008

You hoser! According to The Canadian Press Rick Moranis has decided against lending his voice to the new Bob & Doug McKenzie animated series. Dave Thomas will still be voicing Doug, but Dave "Full House" Coulier will be filling in as Bob.

This turn of events is not entirely surprising. Earlier this year, Moranis stated that he would not be participating in a possible Ghostbusters III. Apparently, he made a killing on the Honey I Shrunk the... movies, and he no longer has to work.

The Canadian Press article linked above does mention that Moranis will keep executive producer status on the new show, but it is unclear if he will have any real input.

For more info regarding the upcoming series, you may want to keep an eye on World of Hosers.


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