A Toast to DEADWOOD on its 10th Anniversary

>> Thursday, March 13, 2014


Greetings, fellow inebriates,

David Milch's television masterpiece, Deadwood, may not precisely qualify as a "booze movie."  However, it was one of the most cinematic and liquor-laden series to have ever graced the small screen; so excuse me if I go ever so slightly off-topic for this post.

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of what in my opinion was the most literate, humane, and engaging show in the history of television, RogerEbert.com and HitFix.com have teamed up to present a 26-minute celebration of Deadwood, narrated by series regular (and fan favorite) Jim Beaver.  The video is embedded above, courtesy of Vimeo.  For Dead-heads like me, this brief documentary is sure to stir up sublime memories and renew the heartbreak that the series was cancelled after airing 36 near-flawless episodes (although I would argue that the final line of dialogue in the last show was the perfect coda for a work of fiction that always told the truth).

A word of warning for the uninitiated -- The video above contains a number of series spoilers, so if you have not yet enjoyed this television masterpiece, by all means buy the Blu-rays or stream the complete series (on HBO Go) before you watch this remembrance. Trust me; you will not be disappointed.  Deadwood was the only show that was so good that I would watch each episode twice on the night it premiered.  Like a premium whiskey, a single shot was not enough.  This is a show that should be savored again and again.  God bless you, Mr. Milch!


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