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>> Saturday, July 6, 2013

Greetings, fellow inebriates,

Like the phoenix of Greek myth and X-Men fame, Drunk History never dies.  It merely disappears for long intervals.

The brainchild of Derek Walters and Jeremy Konner, Drunk History began as a popular series of short films on the Funny or Die website, in which soused storytellers passionately recounted historical anecdotes while actors and comedians re-enacted the tales.  After a prolonged absence, Drunk History reappeared briefly as a segment on HBO's short-lived Funny or Die Presents.  Now the concept returns yet again--this time as an eight-episode, weekly series on Comedy Central, beginning July 9th at 10pm Eastern (a rerun throughout the week).

Each episode of the new show will feature multiple history lessons centered around a particular U.S. city.  For example, episode 1 is Washington, D.C. themed, and features dubious accounts of the Watergate investigation (with Fred Willard as Deep Throat), the rivalry between John Wilkes Booth (Adam Scott) and Edwin Booth (Will Forte), and the epic encounter between Richard Nixon (Bob Odenkirk) and Elvis Presley (Jack Black).  If you can't wait until July 9th, the first episode is available now in its entirety on Comedy Central's site.  Here's the link--> Drunk History Episode 1

The return of Drunk History is most welcome.  I greatly look forward to future episodes, which promise the participation of Kristen Wiig, Connie Britton, Winona Ryder, Aubrey Plaza, Bradley Whitford, Owen and Luke Wilson, and many others.

Summer TV just got interesting.  Set your DVRs and chill your cocktails. 



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