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>> Thursday, November 13, 2008

The era of the theatrical short subject faded to a close in the late 40's and early 50's, as double-features and gimmicks (Widescreen, Cinerama, 3-D, etc.) replaced the block of programming that had once been standard fare in studio-owned theater chains. However, the soused cinema short is not dead. It simply has a new venue --

Creator Derek Waters and filmmaker Jeremy Konner have produced a series of very funny short films in which individuals tell stories from American history after getting hammered on hooch. As the partly lucid narrator spins the tale, the historical events are reenacted by the likes of Michael Cera as Alexander Hamilton, Jack Black as Benjamin Franklin, and Danny McBride as George Washington.

These alky auteurs have produced five Drunk History shorts thus far, all of which are embedded below. I've also posted a link to the Drunk History page on under my "Drink Links," in the hopes that more Drunk History is yet to come.

Enjoy the info-tainment,

Drunk History Vol. 1 - Hamilton Vs. Burr:

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Drunk History Vol. 2 - Franklin Discovers Electricity:
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Drunk History Vol. 2.5 - Franklin F**ks:
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Drunk History Vol. 3 - Washington & Oney:
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Drunk History Vol. 4 - William Henry Harrison Dies:

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