Booze News: PROHIBITION begins Sunday!

>> Friday, September 30, 2011

DVR Alert! Ken Burns' new, three-part, five-and-one-half-hour documentary on Prohibition begins airing Sunday October 2nd on PBS in prime time (check local listings). The remaining parts will air the following Monday and Tuesday.

Of course, this means that the true story of the Volstead Act will compete head-to-head against HBO's fantastic fictionalized account of the era, Boardwalk Empire. As much as I love the drunken violence that HBO has been serving up, I suggest that you adjust your viewing habits for a single week. Boardwalk Empire will receive multiple airings Sunday evening and throughout the week, so it should be easy to catch both programs.

If instead you choose to wait for the eventual DVDand Blu-rayrelease of the doc, your wait will be brief. Ken Burns' PROHIBITION is officially scheduled to hit stores on Tuesday, October 4th. Here's a link to a rave review of the Blu-ray release, courtesy of

Ken Burns' PROHIBITION Blu-ray

Whichever way you choose to experience what is sure to be the definitive film on the subject, drink it up!



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