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>> Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fans of Dr. Gonzo, Raoul Duke, and the late, great Hunter S. Thompson take note! Wayne Ewing, the documentary filmmaker that gave us the HST docs Breakfast With Hunter (2003), When I Die (2005), and Free Lisl: Fear and Loathing in Denver (2006) has started a video blog dedicated to the founder of gonzo journalism. Mr. Ewing describes the blog as follows:

I will be writing weekly stories about life with Hunter and the making of the films along with exclusive clips from the archives. Not unlike my old Sundays with Hunter, when for years I helped him write columns for the San Francisco Examiner and, except a bit less frustrating for me.

But I still miss him like many of you, especially since I'm editing a scene right now I shot with him writing one of his last columns in 2004. There are three new pieces up already one about taking Hunter to DC for George McGovern's birthday, another about the original "Breakfast with Hunter" project and also the real story of what happened that fateful day when Hunter shot Deborah.

You can access the HST video blog at:


P.S. - I know this site has been light on posts as of late, but I've been feeling beneath the weather. I'm still recovering from a particularly hard bout with the flu. However, while I was laid up, I received several videos, including the W.C. Fields Region 2 DVD box set containing 17 of the Great Man's films, many of which have not been released in the U.S. Consequently, new reviews will be up soon. Stay tuned and stay stewed.


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