Booze News: Still Making Moonshine

>> Thursday, December 11, 2008

Back in August, I reviewed a documentary short subject by a first-time director entitled Moonshine. I found the film to be excellent. It was well shot and edited, and most importantly, it had a fascinating subject in Jim Tom Hendrick, the distiller of illegal, 140 proof whiskey. Still, I had one small criticism--at 22 minutes, I found the film to be too short.

Now comes word that filmmaker Kelly L. Riley has answered my criticism with a 62 minute follow-up, Still Making Moonshine. Personally, I can't wait to sample the new brew described as:

"A drunken tale of lost language, severed limbs, buried shine and black outs. Have a taste of bootleg whiskey and Jesus, "140 proof."
If you want to enjoy the new product or Riley's original cocktail, CLICK HERE to order his films. For those of you that require a taste before you indulge, here's a small sample of Still Making Moonshine:

I'll post a review of Kelly Riley's new flick once I get it in my hands.

In the meantime, cheers,


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