Booze News: 2009 Silent Movies Calendar to Support Silent Film Restoration!

>> Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More soused cinema reviews are on there way, but first, a brief sales pitch...

The treasures of our rich film heritage (including alky-centric gems) are quickly turning to dust. Fifty percent of the films made before 1950 are lost forever, and resources are limited to save those that remain. Each year, in an effort to add a bit to those resources, the Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra Website produces a Silent Movies Calendar. The calendar features film stills and informal photographs of silent film stars donated by the posters and readers of the alt.movies.silent newsgroup; and all of the proceeds (after printing costs) are used to benefit silent film restoration.

The 2009 Calendar is now available. This year, the theme is "Lost Films;" and in addition to the silent cinema artwork, the calendar features birthdays of silent-era film stars and personalities, as well as notable marriages, deaths, film openings, and other significant dates.

Now, you may not know it yet, but this calendar is exactly what you need. You love movies, and if you drink as much as I do, you are going to occasionally forget what day (or year) it is. The calendar plus postage is just $17.83; so just click on the link below already, and buy the damn thing!

Get it here--> 2009 Silent Movies Calendar



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