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>> Monday, July 23, 2007

This is slightly off-topic--it's not soused cinema but it is tipsy TV--but what I've seen thus far is very, very good, so AMC's Mad Men deserves a plug.

If you long for the days of the the Rat Pack, the office bottle, smoke-filled rooms, and full-figured women, Mad Men is the show for you! However, this one-hour drama set in the world of Madison Avenue circa 1960 isn't idealized nostalgia. The creator, Matthew Weiner (a writing staff alum of The Sopranos and Andy Richter Controls the Universe), isn't shy about shining a light on backward attitudes of the time such as racism and sexism. Furthermore, with the world of advertising as a backdrop, misrepresentations, moral shakiness, and outright lies are just part of a day at the office.

The show has a cinematic feel, and despite the lack of nudity and profanity, it feels much more like an HBO series than something produced by AMC. The writing is strong, and there's plenty for booze movie enthusiasts to enjoy...

"Should we drink before the meeting or after... or both?"

There are a number of opportunities to catch a rebroadcast of the first episode before episode two premieres Thursday at 10pm EST. Here's a link to the show schedule on AMC's Website: Mad Men schedule. The show is also available for download and On Demand.


Mad Men - Season One (DVD)
Mad Men - Season One [Blu-ray]
Mad Men: Season 2 (DVD)
Mad Men: Season Two [Blu-ray]


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